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Reviews Comments: A Great Game, but could be better. Spore game review by Crab MANN

Yes, I know this game is now over 5 years old, and that the content has dwindled to a measly 6 automatic content downloads because of the decrease in players. Do I still enjoy Spore to this day? Yes! Other reviews have already delved into what Spore's gameplay is about, so I'll just state my personal opinion of it, with both good and bad parts about it.

Good: Spore is very versatile on what you can create. You can pretty much create whatever creature you want, from a 6-legged bear-shark with quills, to a 1-legged 6-mouthed abomination that flies. Your creative skills determine what you can create, and in later stages, you can create outfits for your species (which is basically taping hats and useless body Armour to your creature) as well as Land, Air and Sea Vehicles, Buildings, and eventually, a controllable spaceship. Each stage is a different (and fun) way of playing the game, Cell stage is like a fish simulator, Creature stage is a 3rd-person walkaround, Tribal and Civilization are a RTS, and Space stage goes back to 3rd person, but you can fly in your own ship and blast stuff. It gets even better in the Creepy and Cute Parts pack and Galactic Adventures, because it adds more stuff and you can make your own adventures, as well as finally being able to add weapons to your creatures!

Bad: Unfortunatley, Spore does have major flaws, sometimes even overwhelming the good traits of it. First off, many of the stages feel "Dumbed down" and are very simple, almost every game you play is exactly the same, it can get tiring always seeing a meteor and a Spaceship in creature stage, Non-maxis made Tribes appearing in Tribal stage, and the same buildings and vehicles appearing for each nation in Civilization stage. It is saved by space stage though, although all the empires you ally with seem to become almost useless as they will constantly nag you to help them, their only use is probably a way of getting more systems, or making a fleet. Try your best to befriend the Alien Empire that is way stronger than you are, and has minus attributes to their friendship "Meter". Otherwise, you're going to get curbstomped.

Is Spore a good game? Yes! Even though it is now extremely hard to buy a copy, a second-hand or Ebay is always a good place to get one. I'd recommend playing it, Spore is basically a mindless little creative burst of energy.


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