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AQ Worlds: A Review
Graphics: 2/5

Gameplay: 2/5

Story: 2/5

Overall: Mediocre. Sub-Runescape. Pay to become overpowered. Self insert characters. Fucking ridiculous.
You haven't really gone into any detail on why all this is mediocre.
comment #12154 MangaManiac 2nd Jan 12
sub runescape doesnt exist
comment #14915 serialkillerwhale 18th Jun 12
1) What is this "Sub-Runescape" You speak of? 2) Really, you didn't explain anything about why it was bad.
comment #17114 ultimatepheer 6th Dec 12
Composition: 2/5

Content: 1/5

Presentation: 1/5

Overall: No detail. Clipped sentences. Not enough written. Poor review.
comment #17115 doctrainAUM 6th Dec 12
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