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Reviews Comments: Stupid, But Awesome Thor film/book review by Screech The Mighty

The thing about Thor is that it isn't a movie that can be taken very seriously. Despite the fact that I love it, I am willing to admit that it is far from perfect. But I do love this movie. SO much.

This is a goofy popcorn flick, plain and simple. While movies of that type can be hit or miss, for me, Thor hits just the right spot where it's stupid in parts, but you're too busy enjoying yourself to really care. That and it has Tom Hiddleston as Loki, who is by far the best character in the movie. So, if you're in the mood for something that you don't have to think about too hard, has spots of seriousness (mostly involving Loki) contrasting spots of awesome goofiness, and involves comic book characters beating up frost giants and smashing cups and other such antics, this is definitely the movie you should watch. If you DO want to think about it, try analyzing the Loki scenes. Trickster god and all that. You could write a thesis on how much he was planning/when he was and wasn't lying/his daddy issues/etc.

My one major complaint is that there were several scenes that would have really added to the movie, but got left on the cutting room floor (all of which can be found on You Tube if you're interested). There needs to be a Director's Cut or something.


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