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Reviews Comments: Excellent Game, and All Without Graphics. Sryth game review by Lightwielder

Sryth is quite the game. I am impressed by the writing style that the Gamemaster uses. It is very descriptive, the words jumping off the screen and setting themselves in place to create an environment in your mind, but because your mind is at work, your imagination is what puts the details in perspective, and this works to ensure maximum enjoyability. It is much like reading a well-written book, but Sryth isn't a book, it is an online work. After you finish a book, it is done. You can read the same book over and over again, and it will not be any different than it was the first time. Even the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books would expire after you read them enough. Sryth develops, expands and evolves, so there is much more to find in this game, especially as you progress. And its premium subscription cost($20 per YEAR, not per month) is still less than some books cost. It is very relaxing and enjoyable, and I recommend you give it a try. I highly doubt you will be disappointed. Be sure to check out the Forum. Many of the regular(and even the not-so-regular) members are well-spoken and respectful people, so the community is especially fun to interact with.


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