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Reviews Comments: The best handhelds I've ever played Golden Sun whole series review by knightdawn

I've been a fan of RPG's since before I can remember, having played the original Legend of Zelda on my cousin's NES when I couldn't even read yet. However, I did not discover Golden Sun until much, much later ...three years after The Lost Age came out, actually. To top it all off, I found TLA first, only to discover it was really Golden Sun: Book 2 (as the opening so blatantly states.) That didn't stop me from buying and beating the first game, and the second, and replaying both many, many times even in the days when it looked like they'd never have a sequel. It made me sad. I had found this series in a truly dark age, when the fandom had all but lost hope of ever getting another. Even so, the story was good enough for me to say they were fine as they were, no matter how amazing a sequel would be. Just when I was going for 100 percent completion of the two games (and finding myself forced to wiki the information needed to go about finding all the items) news of Dark Dawn was first released. The feeling was awesome, and I was on enough of a happiness high that the wait did not even feel that long. Despite what others have to say about the third one, I actually liked it quite a lot. It's story isn't quite as cool as TLA's, but then again... few are. The revelations gained about halfway through TLA are what make this series truly profound for me. Heck, few novels take on a plot twist like that one. It turns the entire first game on it's head. I still love Dark Dawn as well, the graphics have improved a lot from the GBA games. (Though, for GBA, GS has some of the best graphics I've seen for the platform.) I'm a huge fan of handhelds, and I have to say... Golden Sun are by far my favorites in that category. Yes. That's right. I even like them better than the handheld Zelda games, which is a tough thing for me to admit since Zelda has the honor of being my long-time favorite series ever. It's a shame the fanbase is so small, but I guess we make up for it by being devoted. I always tell new RPG loving friends about it, because these are truly games that no RPG fan should go without playing at least once.


  • eveil
  • 4th Oct 11
You do realize that Zelda isn't a RPG, right?

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