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Reviews Comments: It's actually pretty good X Men Evolution whole series review by Blackbird Mizu

This is one of those shows I expected to be really bad or stupid. X-Men as teenagers in high school? Has "dumb" written all over it. But it's actually really good. The characters stay true to their comic versions, which is a bonus. I especially like seeing Nightcrawler as the fun prankster he originally started out as. Another great part about this series? WOLVERINE DOESN'T TAKE OVER! Wolverine is a cool character, and he ties with Storm as my second favorite superhero, but I'm tired of seeing him as the main character in EVERYTHING. There are other good characters in the franchise. He does have his Day In The Limelight episodes here and there, but for most of the series he's a side character who mostly just teaches the students in combat training.

The show has surprisingly good story and character development. The first two seasons are mostly "high school plots", but it does have enough action scenes and supervillain fighting to keep it as a superhero show. At the start of season 3, the mutants are revealed to the world and the series gets Darker And Edgier, but in the good way. It starts dealing with the themes that were in the comics, like discrimination. Seasons 3 and 4 were, in my opinion, the best seasons. While the first two were good, lighthearted and fun, 3 and 4 improved on the series. The character Spike had some good, believable character development that really made him a better character. The series is good overall and doesn't have any major problems. Individual episodes sometimes have random bouts of stupidity (like why did Iceman think it was a good idea to put a giant iceberg RIGHT IN FRONT OF their ship?) but again, there aren't really any plot holes or bad characters or low-quality writing that harm the overall series.


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