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an interesting read, one obviously not to everybody's taste but that is such a personal thing. A good example of what it is, and worthwhile.


  • neothoron
  • 26th Sep 11
That has to be the least helpful, most generic review I have ever read.

  • "An interesting read": what was interesting? the style? the story? the pattern that you get when zooming out to 2%?
  • "one obviously not to everybody's taste": nothing, and certainly no fanfic, is to everybody's taste. At least give some indication why.
  • "but that is such a personal thing": moving on...
  • "A good example of what it is": what is it an example of? of itself?
  • "and worthwhile.": please elaborate.

Seriously, I am not asking for much - one or two points that actually say something about the fic could be enough.

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