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Reviews Comments: A Strange Tale of Discovery Adventure Time whole series review by ailsagraystone

When Adventure Time first showed up on Cartoon Network, it was right after the ended of one of my other much beloved shows. I was naturally, as most people would be, a little upset that some kind of crappy fifteen minute show was appearing where my much beloved show had been before. So at first I gave it no really attention, thinking it was nothing but a junk show. But when my sister started to watch it I decided why not give it a chance.

I happened upon the episode Evection, where the vampire queen Marceline makes her grand appearence. I really liked that episode and watched the rest of the show mearly because of that one episode. The more I watched the more it grew on me. I'm a fan of shows that have an on going story line and interesting characters. Adventure Time luckly has that and more.

Favorite episodes though have to be the season three two parter. The Lich really creeped the hell out of me.

If you want a show that far more interesting then it lets on, Adventure Time is the show for you.


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