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Reviews Comments: S'alright. Clive Barkers Jericho game review by Nelo Angelo

This is one of those games that is supposedly a Love/Hate it game. I find I'm the middle ground on it. The game definitely has some fun things about it, but it also has some big ol' flaws. I'm gonna list the pros first, then the cons for ya'll.

Pros: Great graphics Interesting characters; honestly, they were my favorite part of the whole game Nice idea, Barker! Amazing voice actors, down to the last. The bosses aren't half bad, though they're still a bit too easy.

Cons: Way too short, there's only about 4 chapters with roughly seven subchapters of varying lengths. Where's the intro? We're just kind of thrown into the game with a little exposition, the character bios aren't available until you've gone through the game and unlocked them, and they still don't share much. I like the characters but there's too little to go on. Not the least bit scary, if anything, it's more frustrating. Which is sad cause Barker's always been good at scaring/creeping me out. The powers have almost no real variety, half of them are useless. The graphics are great, and the scenery would be breathtaking, but it's all too dark and too much red. Given I know almost nothing about any of these characters, should any of them die, I really wouldn't care other than losing some of the better abilities. It's really repetitive. The ending.... nuff' said

This is one of those games that you have to try. You honestly aren't losing out moneywise, I only spent 2$ for my copy and I got my money's worth. I think Barker should be a little ashamed at himself, for such a talented writer, he really made some of the biggest blunder's I've ever seen. The characters are fun, but there's too little dialogue between them, and the story is way too rushed.

If you're looking for a challenge, look somewhere else. I won this game without much hassle, just spam Jones, Cole or Black and you've basically won the game. It gets a 3 out of 5, and only that because of the amazing voice talent here. Steve freakin' Blum!!


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