Reviews Comments: Has a lot of Potential, but doesn't realize it

Has a lot of Potential, but doesn't realize it
Let me mention the pros first, so I can get to the extensive list of cons. I will be brief here: The combat is fun as all get out. It was a blast to play through the single player. The game is beautiful, and seems highly optimized for the PC. The game nails the lore (mostly, there's a few hiccups, that as a Noob to the 40k universe I'm still not sure about).

Now the cons: The single player is short. Shorter than Modern Warfare. This wouldn't be a problem if the multiplayer was on the same level as Modern Warfare. It isn't though. All connections are P 2 P, resulting in massive Lag. MW was P 2 P as well from what I can gather, but it had highly optimized netcode to reduce lag. Space Marine doesn't, and you'll realize this the first game you play. The multiplayer itself is in bad need of balancing. You don't feel like a Space Marine in multiplayer, you feel like a guardsman forced into the suit with how fast you die in general. There's a few more troublesome areas of the multiplayer which lead me to believe it was a mere afterthought: there very few maps, and only 2 gametypes. There's no push to talk functionality. Someone will be eating his mic in everyone of your games, and it will drive you to chaos.

So to sum it up, single player that's really fun for 6 hours, and multiplayer that's not worth it until they fix a lot of things. For now I can only recommend you rent it for a console, and don't purchase it at full price. Maybe if there's a really good steam sale on it buy it.


The single player is short. Shorter than Modern Warfare. What. Singleplayer is at least ten hours long, minimum. The only way to get through in six hours is if you're playing on the lowest difficulty setting.
comment #9872 Zaptech 13th Sep 11
Another point-the game has ZERO hiccups with the lore. Being a noob to 40K, you probobly aren't aware of one of the most central tenants. Everything in 40K is CANON, but not everything is TRUE. And of course the pc version sucks. They cut out tons, and it was a bad port anyway. PS 3 and Xbox360 multiplayer is fantastic.
comment #11477 GoldenAlex 21st Nov 11 (edited by: GoldenAlex)

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