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Reviews Comments: Sound of forgiveness Sound Of The Sky whole series review by tehnubkilr

As with all media, anime is not immune to becoming derivatives of other works. However, every so often, we have something that takes existing concepts, returns them to their foundations and then builds something new with it. Sora no Woto is one such anime: integrating moe elements with those found in a war film, the central plot is a curious integration of conflict with Kanata's desire to gain insights into the music and her world; this particular aspect means that the series will feel similar to a slice-of-life anime, and indeed, we find that each of the characters bear a degree of resemblance to those found in slice-of-life anime.

However, the similarities end with their outward appearance and personalities, as the characters themselves are defined by their setting, and evolve fluidly in response to events in their world. Warfare is something that is always subtlety present in the series, and astutely tied with Kanata's desire to express her thoughts through music. Inspired by a trumpeter's rendition of Amazing Grace, she is driven forward to learn more about how humans can communicate through music that they might not normally otherwise be able to. This desire to understand and forgive through communication forms the central theme in Sora no Woto. We have already seen the importance of understanding one another, but Sora no Woto presents things from a different viewpoint: forgiveness and redemption. It is implied that the state of the world is an attribute of human nature, as humanity has been unable to let go of past events.

Simply put, Sora no Woto is the story of five soldiers coming to terms with their past and seeking to pass on a new peace, with these intangible thoughts being expressed as a simple, yet powerful song that transcends linguistic boundaries. Sora no Woto is a short series, spanning only 12 episodes; assuming that we accept that brevity is the wit of the soul, the spectacular animation and touching friendships the characters share make Sora no Woto a worthwhile series to watch.


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