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Reviews Comments: We are experiencing a little air turbulence, just a little... Rio film/book review by Doc ET

A spirited cliche that definitely has its moments, some more thrilling than the others. But its real power lies in its ability to have the viewer very slowly start to root for the characters, and love, even just a little, the adventurous mood, witty one or two-liners, straightforward depth and outstanding visuals.

Jesse Eisenberg gives and absolutely brilliant portrayal of the heroic Blu, and the entire cast, standouts Jemaine Clement (Nigel), Anne Hathaway (Jewel), George Lopez (Raphael), Leslie Mann (Linda) and Rodrigo Santoro (Tulio), also a surprising performance for (Pedro), gives "Rio" such a bright appeal.

Rio also boats one of the greatest quality visuals of any film. Whatever its story lacks in dignity is patched together strugglingly with its large-scale plot, subtle touches of cute romance and in-depth adventure. And even with cliches, it succeeds to create a memorable, though not unforgettable, smile-producing story.

A WORD OF CAUTION: Smart watchers should probably skip Nigel's song number. It pretty much ruined the movie's soundtrack.

4 out of 5 stars.


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