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Reviews Comments: Wish it was better Fourteen whole series review by oniginta

Out of all genres, I have always loved horror and supernatural manga the most because many of them capture the nightmares and grotesque creations of our imaginations and place them in a world where they do exist. In one sense, those stories give us the ability to see a darker and more mysterious world. One vital part of reading a good horror manga would always be a suspension of disbelief, accepting the setting and plot as tools to push the story. However, there is a line between asking for the reader to maintain that suspension and just throwing mountains of random crap at the audience.

Sadly, Fourteen is a manga that flies over that line entirely. While the premise of the story is promising, I just can't help but to feel that the author sacrificed a good story for cheap "science/apocalypse" gimmicks. A talking chicken is awesome but really? Green children? Painting every plant in the entire world green? A T-rex space rocket? A killer virus that ultimately went nowhere? A random alien rape scene? All of these are great creations but when stuffed together, they just reek of silliness. In addition, as the plot continues, weirder stuff are introduced for like two chapters and never heard of again. Of course I'm not saying that the science in manga have to be entirely realistic; that would just make a very, very boring story. But if only those ideas could have been expanded, then I might have been able to enjoy this manga a little more.

The drawings are alright: a very dark tone with lots of horrific images. The characters are hammy and have even less development than a Super Mario character. However, the thing that was the most off-putting can be summed up with one question: what's the point to this manga? Sure, manga is made to be entertaining but it starts out with blaming the entire human race for the destruction of the entire world. After many chapters, teehee, my bad, it's not the humans' fault! It's really just the entire Universe is dying? What are you trying to say then?!

To sum it up: great premise, mind-bogglingly horrible execution. I realize that there are fans of this manga but please realize in turn that I'm only giving my own opinionated criticism. I sure as hell didn't enjoy it but maybe others might. Read it and judge for yourself. Who knows?

Oh, also, the ending was anticlimactic and very predictable.


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