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Reviews Comments: Espgaluda II for X-box 360 Espgaluda game review by ssfsx 17

It's a 2-D game in which you shoot enemies, collect goodies, and try not to get hit. It sounds simple, and if you are playing the game just to finish it then it is that simple, but Espgaluda II for the X-Box 360 shows that there is much more.

Trying to get a high score, and to not get hit, will require a lot of strategizing as well as a good helping of reflexes. This game is definitely oriented towards the competitive high-score-seeker crowd, but there are also plenty of gameplay hours to be had in practicing it to perfection and trying to finish all of the gameplay modes without needing to use a continue.

  • Region-free
  • Bright and clear colors so that you can easily see what is what
  • Deep scoring systems for those who like to use exercise calculation and reflexes.
  • Gameplay modes that are so different from each other, they are practically new games in themselves.
  • Fair difficulty, so that you always feel like there is some way to play the game without ever getting hit or needing to use the emergency attack.
  • Trance-inspired music by Manabu Namiki plus a remixed fast-paced trance soundtrack by Ryu Umemoto (rest in beats)

  • This game is an uncommon import, and therefore requires shopping at play-asia or similar place, and may be out of stock.
  • One of the gameplay modes is pretty complicated, even relative to the already-complex original arcade mode.


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