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Reviews Comments: A deeply moving tale of one's struggles with accidental mass genocide The Ugly Barnacle whole series review by shadowgirl 13 chaos

In this thrilling tale, a young Barnacle, simply known as the Ugly Barnacle, has became so physically mutated and abnormally disfigured that he becomes a creature so grotesque that the mere sight of him caused his peers to spontaneously succumb to an untimely demise. Shocked at the horror of what the Ugly Barnacle has caused, he is left flabbergasted, and the story is cut to a guessing, premature, ending. What will happen next to the heroic young Barnacle? How will his disfigurements be cured? Such interesting and important questions this psychologically stirring tale has left us. I highly recommend seeing this work, but I suggest not to tell depressed friends about this melancholy tale, as it wouldn't help lift their mood.


  • Ailedhoo
  • 10th Sep 11
It is a classic tale... but it did not help at all!

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