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Reviews Comments: Is it any wonder people wanted him back? That Dude In The Suede whole series review by Wackd

I watch a lot of stuff on TGWTG. I'm a fan of Spoony, and of Linkara, and of Todd In The Shadows, but I don't play video games or read a whole lot of comics (at least, I didn't when I started) or listen to pop music. But I don't watch any of the anime people on the site. Why? Anime doesn't interest me. "But Wackd," you say, "video games, comics and pop music don't interest you either! You stupid hypocrite!"

And you'd be right. I figured I should at least give the anime people a shot. They could be really funny, and I do like funny.

So naturally, who's gotten more hype than any other anime reviewer? Suede, of course! And since he won't be back any time soon (or maybe even at all), there's no commitment!

Boy was I wrong. You see, I didn't expect to get as hooked as I did. I expected to be able to claim I watched anime stuff on the site, not like it and be able to put the whole thing to rest?

Well, first off, he's funny as all heck. That alone would've been enough to hook me and get me a membership in the horde of raving "why isn't he back yet" Suede fans. Secondly, he's a skilled editor, pulling off seamless green-screens at a time when most of the site was fairly amateur at effects. Thirdly—he made me interested in anime. I cannot emphasis this enough. His first video alone was enough to get me completely fascinated by almost every show on his list, and each subsequent video only got me more interested. The trick? He, unlike the hordes of video game reviewers on the site, doesn't expect you to know everything about the culture or the history and talk about weapons systems like you know what the hell you should be complaining about already. He makes anime fun and assessable to newbies like me.

His return video follows this rather closely, and the fact that his greenscreen looks just as good in HD widescreen is a testament to how good this guy is even with a two-year learning curve. Suede wasn't only great by 2008 TGWTG standards, he honestly holds his own amongst the new crowd as well.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to pick up the Cowboy Bebop and Trigun box sets I have on hold at the library.


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