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Reviews Comments: There's a term for these sort of flicks... Legion film/book review by gerjan sister came up with it yesterday, it's 'Biblesploitation' or maybe 'Angelsploitation'. This flick comes in at a long line of similar flicks and it's not exactly original: angels face off, Gabriel's in there (for some reason Gabriel is almost always involved and for most of the time he's a baddie), a man and a woman survive, happy ending with a possible bait for a sequel. When the thing first came out I didn't want to see it for being a Prophecy rip-off.

Though the first fifteen minutes are somewhat dull, albeit Michael managing to blow a cross-shaped hole in the wall is fun, it's a good bad-movie and has many things to it's credit. The possessed are highly enjoyable (the granny, who scares the daylights out of you right off; several sweet children trying to murder you; Doug Jones!) if somewhat uneven about their capabilities. There are some cheesy but enjoyable one-liners ("Are you asking me to explain the behaviour of a motherfucking pestilence?" springs to mind). What I applauded the most was the fight between the archangels, for once someone though of using and angel's wing in battle! Not only does Gabriel use his wings as shields (and not just in a boring 'oh, I'll guess I'll cover myself with this' kind) but I thought I saw him try and hit Michael with them as well. I can understand that CG maybe was unable to do that until recently in film but I don't believe I've seen such excellent use of an angel's body part even in anime.

Yes, it's not thought-provoking and yes, it's unoriginal. The last ten minutes are written by an eight year-old. All of this doesn't stop it from being fun. If you have a bit of time to kill then watch this instead of something attempting to be terribly high-brow and failing, in my mind an honest B is better than an A crippled by it's self-importance.


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