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Reviews Comments: Revisiting those last two episodes of Series Four, "The Stolen Earth" and "Journey's End" Doctor Who episode/issue review by Quantum Sheep

Much has been said of this inane two-parter. It ends a season that was full of stupidity: the incessant lame comedic actions of Donna Noble, the daftness of the majority of episodes in the season (the idiotic "Partners in Crime" comes to mind, as well as the dull and contrived "The Poison Sky", in which the Doctor lights the Earth's atmosphere ON FIRE). David Tennant can give a consistent performance as the Doctor, but the sheer shite that accounts for most of the scripts in Season Four doesn't help him at all.

To end an idiotic season we need an idiotic two-parter. Thus, we get the ridiculousness that is "The Stolen Earth" and "Journey's End". The Daleks somehow move planets, in a way that is never really explained. Every past companion shows up again, including those who were supposed to be trapped in Pete's World (get the hell out of the show, Rose). Davros returns...only to do nothing but sit around and yell a lot. The Supreme Dalek is there...and does nothing but stand in place for most of its screen-time. About a hundred million Daleks are on screen, in what I take is an effort by RTD to make things seem "epic". Millions of Daleks doesn't automatically make things epic, especially when the audience is practically forced to distance themselves from the plot and characters because of the absurdity of it all. "Dalek" was an effective episode because it made the lone Dalek look like the tremendous threat it was. Here, in this two-parter, the Daleks are nothing but the "baddies" the Doctor must destroy through the use of plot coincidences and Deus Ex Machina. They do nothing but yell "EXTERMINATE!" a lot. The absurdity of the Dalek plot, to destroy reality with a really big bomb, presents all manner of problems if it can indeed destroy all parallel universes through the Medusa Cascade. Wouldn't there be a reality out there where Davros succeeds, thus dooming the Multiverse to destruction? The Daleks receive a final insult by being reduced to nothing but bumbling pepper-pots by the "Doctor" Donna through the use of Technobabble and conveniently placed switches. The Doctor gets "winged" by a Dalek extermination beam, which is a first in itself and a convenient one at that because it provides a decent cliffhanger...that gets ruined in the next episode.

I could go into more detail, but this word count won't let me.


  • Scardoll
  • 6th Aug 11
Quantum Sheep, are you just going to keep putting up reviews that say the same thing your past reviews did?

This isn't an attack on your viewpoint, it's a question of why the hell you're saying what you already said in the other review about Series 4 at the beginning. Donna=Lame comedic relief, David Tenant is brought down by bad scripts, Partners in Crime=Stupid, blah blah. You complain about the small wordcount, but you're wasting space by posting about something other than the series finale.

As for the review of The Stolen Earth and Journey's End, I hated it too, and I loved the much reviled Master trilogy. The reunion of companions doesn't work at all, the Daleks having millions of ships was only interesting in Parting of the Ways (Which came right after Dalek, so it was unexpected), the second Doctor was pulled out the ass, and Donna's exit (whether you like the character or not) was horribly done.

The only thing I can really state positively about these two episodes is that they're barely better than the majority of Colin Baker's run.
  • GrandPrincePaulII
  • 7th Aug 11
  • GrandPrincePaulII
  • 7th Aug 11
- sorry - please delete this.
  • QuantumSheep
  • 7th Aug 11
My other review was a brief overview of the new series as a whole. This one, on the other hand, just goes into more detail with the two parter series finale. And I felt I had to give a general introduction to my view of series four at the beginning, as jumping straight into my comments on the two-parter would seem a tad abrupt. Oh, and I enjoyed some Colin Baker episodes. Say what you will about "Attack of the Cybermen", but I thought it was alright. Concerning the Master trilogy, I only really liked "Utopia" and "The Sound of Drums" and they weren't without flaws. Maybe I'll rip apart "The Poison Sky" at another time.
  • JamesPicard
  • 29th Dec 12
I'm probably gonna come under a lot of fire for this, but I actually liked this two-parter. I thought it was an enjoyable capstone, and it was interesting to see the Doctor realizing how he changes people. Also, I felt Donna's exit was very good, it drove home the fact that sometimes, the Doctor just can't win. Maybe I just see things differently, but I thought this was a fun conclusion to Series 4.

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