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Reviews Comments: The Very Best Pokemon Black And White game review by Adamant Adam 92

Pokemon Black and White are, without a doubt, the best Pokemon games in the entire franchise. Set in a fresh new region to explore, this game actually takes place in America (New York and New Jersey to be exact), making it the first handheld Pokemon game to be set outside of Japan (aside from the two Pokemon Colosseum games).

The graphics are improved and the game makes it its business to flaunt the improvements, such as the Skyarrow Bridge and the fully animated Pokemon within battles. The 150+ new Pokemon added to the game are really great and imaginative, despite some questionable ones like Vanillish and Klink, they are still powerful in their own rights. I was a bit skeptical when the game was first announced, but it really is a magnificent game.

However, two unexpected improvements which make the game even more enjoyable than any previous installment are the music and the story. In as few words as possible, the music is amazing. Anyone can tell that there was a lot of effort put into it. The tunes for each different town, city, character, & battle are gorgeous and catchy, especially the battle themes against Thundurus/Tornadus/Landorus and many of the cities, in fact, just listen to some of the songs on youtube. The story itself has never been the strong suit of the Pokemon games (again, Colosseum and XD being the exceptions) but there is no longer an Excuse Plot for condecscending non-players to make fun of. The villans are threating and their goals are frightening (and they're jerks), your friends are loyal and well developed, and HOLY CRAP is there a lot of symbolism or what?! It's also a cool idea to have 18 year old main characters so that the more hardcore players who grew up with the franchise (myself included) will appreciate not playing as a 10 year old. Because seriously, who sends a child to do this job? Juniper must be the only Pokemon Prof who has any common sense!

All in all, this is a must-buy for any Pokemon fan, and newcomers are always welcome. I'm sure I forgot some important things to mention about the game in this review, but I'll just let you play it yourself to find out. See you all in Unova.

10 out of 10


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