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Reviews Comments: Preachy, but awesomeness makes it worth it Jurassic Park whole series review by brazillianboy 122

I grew up with these movies. JP was the forbidden fruit in the VCR cabinet when I was little, and it was my older cousin's old merchandise that got me interested in dinosaurs. So let me the first fan to admit this: these movies are preachy as hell. This is not Jeff Goldblum's most likeable role. But it is worth it. Why? Alan Grant is one of the best and most memorable examples of an Action Survivor I've seen. And the visuals, even after 18 years, are stunning and memorable. The dinosaurs are delightful, and awesome to watch in action. This, in my opinion, makes it worthe Michael Chrictons endless 'technology will destroy us all' rants.


  • Tuckerscreator
  • 9th Mar 12
Forbidden childhood fruit, eh? Almost the same with me. My mother freaked out a bit when she realized I was watching Jurassic Park at six, but ended up letting me finish it because I was having too much fun watching the T-rex rampage.

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