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Reviews Comments: Book 5 Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix film/book review by Glixinator

I refer to this only as "book 5" since it is undeserving of a proper title, and certainly not one as misleadingly awesome as the one it was given. Now the quality of J.K. Rowlings novels could be said to have been improving prior to this novels release, certainly its immediate predecessor was leaps and bounds beyond its any of the first three novels. Indeed it seems Rowlings talent had finally been honed to the point where not only could she pen a best seller, but that the very elements that made her novels great were now being applied throughout the entirety of the novel. Then I read her 5th installment in the series. What a dissappointment, gone were the engrossing prose and constantly changing high paced plot. Alas in its place was a cyclic plot growing more Avilicious with each repitition. It was so aggrevating to find that NOTHING HAPPENS IN THIS BOOK, again and again and again, and its the same nothing every time. In hindsight, yes some seemingly insignificant details prove important to the plot in later books and a few more obvious plot points within the work are addressed, but TOO FEW and far between. The only reason I was even able to finish it was the hope that it would get better. Unfortunately when I finally closed the back cover, I did so with the sense that it never had. Watch the film, or read the cliff notes, they are a much more satisfying way to got the major plot points needed to continue with the series which fortunately does get better. The spoiler free summary, not that ther is much to spoil since this part of the plot actually hijacks the expected plot set up in the previous novel, of the rest of "book 5's" plot would be as follows: here is a new character, now, hate. her. hate her hate her hate her hate her hate her hate her hate her hate her hate her hate her hate her hate her hate her hate her hate her hate her Hate Her Hate Her Hate Her Hate Her HATE HER HATE HER HATE HER HATE HER hate her hate her hate her... do you hate her yet? So you can see how this could get annoying quickly. So annoying in fact that it taints what little good this book has to offer.


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