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Vast Expanses of Beautiful Nothingness
As to be expected from not all, but most Shonen Manga, Bleach will frequently have chapters in which characters stand around and just talk. Perhaps a chapter of witty battle dialogue. And of course, the series has about a million characters, making for some confusing moments as some disappear straight off the face of the Earth. (Cough NEL cough)

AND YET: It is awesome.

I liked where the series was going at first, with Ichigo being a substitute reaper and chilling at school with his bros. It went off the deep end, and the Soul Society arc lasted approximately forever, but it still is a series worth reading. Can't speak for the anime, i've only seen clips, but I assume that with ~20 minute episodes, they actually have time to make stuff happen.

Seriously. Read it.


I disagree. Frequently=/=endlessly. Merely having awesome moments does not make something awesome. The rest has to hold up as well. The pacing in Bleach has become awful. Just awful. And no, the anime does NOT make up for things. They interspliced the Aizen finale, already terrible on its own, with filler episodes. Bleach as become repetitive and nothing about it is entertaining to read for me. Naruto, while still being awful, is at least entertaining.
comment #8354 Beyondnor 29th Jun 11

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