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Reviews Comments: Compelling and scary The Langoliers film/book review by GREGOLE

We've all heard about the terrible, cartoony CGI during the climax... but what is there to this movie/miniseries? A story of a group of passengers who board a plane, fall asleep, and wake up, most of the other passengers vanished, in some sort of eldritch location where nothing but a shadow of humanity remains.

This is the classic theme of a group of random people being thrust into a supernatural situation and fighting for their lives, facing both internal and external obstacles. The acting ranges from believably organic, to hammy - but in my opinion, the ham actually works with the style of the film.

The characters are diverse, and each one gets some time to shine. The buildup and mystery are very well handled, and it left me guessing what on Earth was going on. The titular monsters, while... cartoonish to behold, are HORRIFYING as a simple sound in the distance, and when they show up, they're confusing and bizarre enough to be effective, once you get past the CGI. Being entities from beyond time and space, it might be passable that they don't look like they belong in our world.

This film is dramatic and tense. It is, at its heart, a compelling adventure/mystery story that flows nicely and left me feeling much of what the characters themselves were feeling. If you're not put off by a bit of ham and a few minutes of bad CGI monsters, I wholeheartedly recommend this film to any sci-fi/horror/mystery fan.


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