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Reviews Comments: As personal as trains and drumbeats Some Kind Of Wonderful film/book review by Sunflowers

To me, this is everything. About life, about love... Everything. I realize that it's probably not at all the sort of movie most people like, but that's all right. I couldn't agree less with Ebert - it's perfect, not because it explores some highminded questions but because it has some of the best, most interesting, most *real* characters in media; and for me, characters move much more 'fast' - more fluidly - than anything else. Whenever I'm unsure about myself and who I am, I can find my way back here. Does that mean it's for everyone? No. But please don't go conflating this with Pretty in Pink - the two are completely different movies about completely different people, and this one hasn't even been seen by most folks. If you're looking for something to watch, give it a try- regardless of what movies you like, give it a try.

I tried to find more to say, but realized there was nothing left.


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