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Reviews Comments: Dragon Fable, my teenage hobby. Dragon Fable game review by Kaioshin

I've been playing this game since I turned 13, the legal age for it. It's about a Hero, his/her dragon (duh), and their attempt to defeat the evil overlord, who they're in a race with to gather the Elemental Orbs, items of immense power, and his counterpart dragon. Along the way, there are a bunch of side quests, most of them purely for fun though. I like it, a lot actually, but it may only be because I'm upgraded in it. The game is noticeably better when you've payed money for it. Though it is completely up to oneself, as it is very much playable for free, unless you want the cool gear, of course. It sees a weekly update, though I am concerned about the Staff not getting enough sleep. I've used my entire teenage life on this, underlining its addictive nature. The community is the nicest I've ever seen, and the fun of the game only stops to take a serious and dark twist on things. All in all, a great game with a lot of fun, but with a serious side, and something that can be enjoyed by all ages. Though I must warn you; the puns never, ever stop!

If I were to rate this game, I'd say: 8/10. 1 off for the payment, which, while not required, gives a totally different playing of it, and 1 off for its addictive nature, that compels you to come back, even though you've finished literally everything.


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