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Reviews Comments: Even though clichee, I've still written Inheritance fics Inheritance Cycle film/book review by Fria

So, I've been recommended this series (by someone with a rather ... *cough* cheap *cough* taste), and when I finally checked it out, I was surprised with the first book (I expected much worse writing by a teen;). But come scenes really get the mood well, f.ex. the intro with the shade. He did put a lot of effort in his writings, but he also gives the impression he wants to prove himself with his writings - which is a huge turn-off.

Most of the writing is way too long-winded, though. But in a way the long descriptions take the reader into the fantasy world almost like a drug does. Synthetic drug, mind you! He hasn't experienced enough real life to be able to produce an organic drug, anyways. I pity kids who have had such a sheltered life. School is hell, to be sure - but homeschooling is even worse, IMHO. School makes you forget the exam material right after the exam, and all that remains is memories of bullying and trauma (that you can work on and develop yourself), but homeschooling leaves people with a very unusual(=limited) socialisation and with loads and loads of useless knowledge.

I guess I enjoyed Inheritance series much more than other TV-Tropers, cos I'm not into Star Wars. Having only seen one Star Wars movie, I wasn't aware of such a rip-off, but I understand other readers get really frustrated about it. Even so, I noticed the plot was generic and full of cliches. And names (Eragon=Aragorn; Arya=Arwen), those kinda jump at the reader, too.

Oh, well, in general Inheritance has many interesting bits and pieces, but it's tied together with too much pruple prose and not enough real-life experience to back up the (sometimes outlandish) psychology of the characters ... What I liked were some original and funny characters, Bleodhgarm and Angela esp. (no, I don't ship those two, but they get other ships in my fics ;)


  • unitedfruit
  • 26th Oct 11
Okay review, but you didn't have to bash schooling and homeschooling in the middle. Big Lipped Alligator Moment.

(And it's not like school-school leaves you with reams of useless knowledge, no sir. Snails being of both genders, and parabolas, are going to come in real useful at the average white-collar job. =))

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