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Reviews Comments: Well worth your time Starship film/book review by Stellana

I didn't have particularly high expectations for Starship, other than "It's from Starkid so I know it'll be good." But Starship is without a doubt the best quality performance from Starkid thus far. The microphones make the listening experience much easier and more pleasant. The props are phenomenal, and the set is great. The characters and storyline were touching and well-acted. It's a little disappointing that February is getting so much hate. She's pretty much parodying the stereotype of the ditsy heroine. Meaning that, yes, she's played for laughs. And honestly, would a "smarter" person be attracted to Bug? On that note, would a "smarter" person love a robot? There's a certain innocence that brought certain characters together and this is expressed well. Starship shows us what it is to be "human." I can't imagine anyone walking away from it dissapointed.


  • ninjadinosaurgirl
  • 9th Oct 11
I completely agree with pretty much EVERYTHING you said. I had procrastinated watching it for a while until my fellow Starkid-loving friend forced me to watch it, and it was without a doubt my favorite so far. I LOVED February, and I don't get all the hate she's getting either.
  • PDown
  • 3rd Dec 11
I think the hate is probably coming because she's a female in an acting troupe with a primarily female fanbase. :P

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