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Reviews Comments: An entertaining movie Thor film/book review by Gorram Bats

It isn't difficult to find better comic book adaptations than Thor, however it is a mostly entertaining, easy-to-watch addition to the Marvel Film Universe. While most comic book films look at a man's journey into becoming a hero, Thor examines a hero's journey into becoming a man, and it is successful in portraying the character development Thor gets after being cast out of Asgard. The character development is arguably the strongest point of the movie, a quality it shares with the first Iron Man film. One can only hope that Thor doesn't have to learn not to be a jerk all over again in The Avengers and any possible sequels.

With Branagh as the director certain scenes can get a little hammy (ie any scene where people with accents raise their voices) but the performances mostly work and there are some great visuals in the film. Overall Thor is a solid start to this years blockbusters and a step in the right direction for The Avengers after the disappointing Iron Man 2. It should make fans happy and newcomers should give it a shot. 7/10


  • DoctorHabberdashMD
  • 2nd May 11
Considering you had nothing bad to say about it, you'd think a higher rating would be in order.
  • spambot
  • 6th May 11
The first Iron Man movie strong character depth what? No.

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