Reviews Comments: Okami: Flawed, but worth it

Okami: Flawed, but worth it
Okami is kind of a Psychonauts deal, in that it has flaws, but everything else is just so perfect that it's still very worth it. Yes, it's kind of buggy, not as original as everyone seems to think, the dialogue is poorly written, it seems to have trouble with showing rather than telling, and Tsukuyomi is a sword. But the graphics and soundtrack are no less than gorgeous (that is not hyperbole), the combat is well thought over, the brush-technique system works very well, the puzzles are genius, and the ending is one of the very few endings in any game or even any medium that had any kind of emotional effect on me. In short, it's flawed, but so is everything, right? I would recommend it to anyone who isn't Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw.


Tsumugari, not Tsukuyomi.
comment #22290 Windthor 27th Nov 13
Actually, judging from his Zelda reviews, Yahtzee actually likes Okami, and implies it's better than Zelda, to boot.
comment #22537 Trollblade69 20th Dec 13

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