Reviews Comments: READ IT. I'M SERIOUS.

So it may seem silly. It may seem long. It may seem pointless.

But you have to read it all. I can't say why it's good, it just is. READ IT IN ORDER THROUGH THE WHOLE THING, and then go find the spin-offs and stuff. This is gold.

Just read it. I don't know why I like it - JUST READ IT.


Such a convincing argument. You have me assured.
comment #7724 TerminusEst13 19th May 11
Well I plan on reviewing some individual episodes and seasons in more depth.
comment #7744 Leetroper 21st May 11
Bad review. Try telling us why its so good, or giving us a hint of the good stuff
comment #19146 AnsemPaul 25th Apr 13

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