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How I watch Naruto
For me, the really enjoyable part of the storyline is in the interactions between the characters and in the overall strategy of the fights.

Are the plots cliche and unoriginal? Considering the last time someone came up with a new plot was Shakespeare, yes. Are the plots handled well and in unique ways? Yes.

Is the action rather DBZ-ish? When it comes down to sheer fisticuffs, yes. The most interesting fights are the one were the high-speed action visible to you is only the first layer and more of a distraction than anything. Most of the best victories come about through something other than sheer power.

The main thing I ask when I decide whether or not a story is good: Did I analyze it the first time I watched it.

The answer is: no.

The story and action were too engrossing. The repeated themes of skill(hard work) vs talent(born ability), recognition of potential, recognition of free will, ends justifies the means vs means corrupt the ends, and so on come out, but I generally only think of them later. Watching the episodes the first time I'm purely engrossed in story.

If a story doesn't give me time to think about and analyze it on the first watch through, it is either very good, or it has completely lost which case I usually switch over to something else.

So, anyway, Naruto makes me stop thinking about "why did they do this"...

well...the real storyline does...the filler on the anime...good for when there's nothing better to do, but way too much of it


"Considering the last time someone came up with a new plot was Shakespeare, yes."

Bad example; none of Shakespeare's plots were really original.
comment #7371 silver2195 22nd Apr 11
thanks for the positive review
comment #7476 sardns 30th Apr 11
Yay someone who doesn't automatically think "Naruto = lolololol orange jumpsuit worst ninja/anime evar lolololol"

The characters are good, the themes they deal with are great and the fights are well choreographed. Oh yeah, and watch Shikamaru fight. He'll blow your fuckin' mind.
comment #7495 RobIndahood 1st May 11

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