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Reviews Comments: Gets waaaay more hate than it deserves. Dragonball Evolution film/book review by azraelfinalstar

First off, introductions: I'm a huge Dragonball fan. It's my favorite manga and I simply can't get enough. This movie isn't accurate to the source material, obviously. Its also not that bad a film. I actually like it. This may stem from the fact that i am a Smallvile fan (well, the first 5 seasons anyway), but I find the idea of this type of re-imagining refreshing and interesting. Sure, its not as good as the manga or anime. And yeah, its a tad light on plot. But its a fun ride. The characters are likable, (I find that I actually relate to Goku here), the story is interesting, and last but not least, the fight scenes are great. Its by know means a great film, but its not bad. I'll try to address some common complaints: There are no talking animals: I feel personally that they wouldn't have meshed with the movie all that well There is no Krillin: A valid point, although keep in mind they were planning a sequel... He's not very Goku-like: True enough, i'm afraid. This movie would have done much better if Gohan was the main character, he seems more similar to him. And, imo the most stupid complaint: He's not Asian: ??!? Goku never was Asian. He's a saiyan, remember. He doesn't even look asian in the manga. Chichi looked Asian in the manga, and guess what? she's Asian here. same with Roshi. I'll give you that Chatwin doesn't look overly Goku-like, ( he looks more like Gohan imo)but he at least resembles him. With all that said, i'd give this film 3/5 stars. Hate away.


  • Scarface675
  • 18th Apr 11
All the criticism is well-deserved.

The movie is a piece of shit, and I don't even give a crap if Goku is not asian, or there is no Krillin, and I don't miss talking animals either.

The point is that if you are going to make a movie based on another media, the least that can be expected of it is to be faithful to said media. No to the letter, of course, but you'd never know Dragonball Evolution has anything to do with Dragon Ball were it not for the title.

Goku in high school? Really? He never went to school in the original series, high, middle or elementary. The you throw in the bullying he suffered, and his struggle to get the girl (it was Chi-Chi that first developed any interest in him in the manga, not the other way around; Goku is supposed to be oblivious to love), not to mention that scene where he attends a Coolest Party Ever. All of this is just silly and has nothing to do with the manga; worse, it completely takes away from the atmosphere the manga had and that the movie was supposed to convey.

And it's not just Goku that is OOC. Chi-Chi is suddenly a Lovable Libby; Bulma - who was incompetent at everything not involving the use of her brains or sex appeal - is suddenly made an action girl, and a very boring and unfunny one at that; Yamcha is turned into a Non-Action Guy, and that's just scratching the surface.

Combat? Just what you see on every kung fu flick, except that ki attacks were dramatically nerfed, and rather than being "ki attacks", they're "air bending" (is it supposed to be Dragon Ball or Avatar)?

And don't even get me started on the utter lack of depth of the characters, the poor dialog and acting, or how ridiculously the likes of Piccolo, Oozaru and Sheng Long are depicted in the movie.

No offense, but being such a huge Dragon Ball fan as you claim to be, to like a piece of garbage like this seems very odd. Then again, you like Smallville, so I guess you don't mind when the source is blatantly and disrespectfully skewered like this.

Even as a standalone, this film is nothing but a shallow teenage soap opera with some kung fu fighting thrown in for good measure.
  • Beyondnor
  • 18th Apr 11
Okay, Scarface, you don't need to insult the guy, you were doing just fine insulting the movie itself.
  • Scarface675
  • 18th Apr 11
I didn't mean to come across as insulting.

If I offended you, azraelfinalstar, I apologize. That was not my intention.
  • azraelfinalstar
  • 22nd Apr 11
Nah lol, you didn't offend me. I know its utterly desecrating the source material, but i don't see why it has to be a bad film in its own right. Its just the type of thing i like. a guilty pleasure if you will.

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