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Reviews Comments: Problem Solverz so far... a huge problem. The Problem Solverz episode/issue review by Sizzly Bacon

The second that I saw that first preview for this show, my only reaction was "Um... okay?". I stick by that to this day. So the show has recently premiered. Didn't tune in to the premiere, but thanks to "on demand services", I was able to... (puts on sunglasses) SOLVE THIS PROBLEM! YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

15 minutes later, I'm shocked, perplexed, angered, and slightly anticipated, that is, FOR SOMEBODY TO CAN THIS SHOW.

How it got past quality control is beyond me. Here goes nothing.

So we start out, and the Solverz are having some pizza after... something, I don't know. This huge brownie dude called Alfe hogs all the pizza and wants more after it's all gone. So he demands they go get some more, and they find some old people who happened to be kids that were aged through a time-traveling roller coaster. Sending them on the coaster backwards makes them younger, which they do. Problem solved? No. Alfe decides he needs more pizza, so he bothers Horace and Roba, two characters with about as much personality as a weak cup of coffee, around 2 in the morning. He sneaks out to find the roller coaster and go backwards in time to get more pizza. After doing it again and again, he messes up time and space and they end up going forward to the end of time. Alfe uses some cloning... I don't know, I lost interest a long time ago. Bunch of Alfe clones defeat a Time Lord yadda yadda...

This show really has no potential, as it fails as a series, and it has garnered a Hatedom of Squirrel Boy caliber on JUST ITS FIRST EPISODE!. Not a good sign. Or a good prize, for that matter. I hate it.



  • Tails2000
  • 25th Apr 11
Silly troper, cartoon network hasn't had "quality control" for years.
  • Blackcatula
  • 26th Apr 11
Then again, one person's "quality control" is another person's "oppressive censor". Not much point arguing with popular opinion, though.
  • Jobbeybob
  • 22nd Nov 11
slightly anticipated?

What does that mean?
  • TheThnikkaman
  • 24th Apr 12
  • LostHero
  • 1st Feb 13
^ <3

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