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Reviews Comments: A Great Work that will Never Lose Its Spark Sym Bionic Titan whole series review by Rookiez 78

The first trailer of the series that this troper saw showed just the Titan stomping through a field, making it look like little more than "just another giant robot series." But after some convincing from a friend, I watched it and saw not a generic show about giant robots, but a well-developed story about three individuals trying to adjust to a new setting, with the feelings and anxieties that come with the situation. Our stars Lance, Ilana, and Octus have more dimensionality and charm to them than most animation, nay live-action shows would care to put into their characters, but unfortunately those often get more recognition than this show. Having grown up with watching The Powerpuff Girls, there's some sweet nostalgia of seeing the familiar Genndy Tartakovsky design and story quirks as well as an even sweeter satisfactation of seeing that style take whole new levels of badassery and a genuine sense of heartfelt storytelling. Not only that, but it's combined with some of the most spectacular CGI blending that this troper has ever seen in a TV show as well as some great traditional animation, fantastic voice work, and pretty good music as well. One thing that impressed me the most is its cinematic style of using music to substitute for sound effects, like in the endings of episode 13 and 18; stylistic choices like that make for more poignancy than just sound or dialogue ever could and it's not something you see a lot of these days.

It's a real shame to me and my friend (who's also a huge fan) that this show is getting cut off after not even 26 episodes. There's just a bit too much to wrap up in the remaining two episodes, and one can only wonder how far this show might have gotten if it lasted longer. But what this troper is most definitely sure of is that nothing can quite replace the feeling Sym-Bionic Titan and its characters gave: a renewed sense that a story that's as smart as this can really impact audiences today. The show has had its day in the sun, however short-lived, but I have a feeling that a cult following is soon to follow. Like a good teen comedy, it can be adorable and heartwarming even as it shows the comedic cruelty and awkwardness of high school and like all great anime it's equal portions awesome and thoughtful. To me, Sym-Bionic Titan is another addition to the shows that I'll always treasure.


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