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Reviews Comments: Excellent Movie Rango film/book review by Godzillawolf

This is one of those movies you like when you see it and then gradually come to love the more thought you put into it.

Rango is a chameleon who is thrown out the back of his owner's car and finding himself in an envirnment that he could've never imagined. However, after spending his time trying to make a performence with himself as a hero, he finds himself in the town of Dirt, which is in desprate need of a hero itself. Using his acting talent and knowledge of westerns, Rango fashions himself as a hero and suprisingly becomes just what Dirt needs in its time of need.

The plot is great, all the characters are likable. Rango may be lying, but as the movie goes on he realizes that he has to take the responbility of the role he's taken on to save it. Beans is tough and a great lead heroine. The other characters are all unique and great to watch. Rattlesnake Jake, the film's resident Knight Of Cerebus, is terrifying and quickly takes the film into a new, more sinister light the moment he slithers onto the scene. The main villain of the film is also done quite well. There's enough foreshadowing to realize he's the antagonist when its revealed and it works well.

However, the thing I love about this film is the way Law Of Conservation Of Detail is used at the finale. Rango emerges from his Heroic BSOD and utilizes an entire Chekhovs Armoury intentionally to pull off an epic climax.

I personally adore this film and highly recommend it!


  • PumpkinLore
  • 19th Mar 11
I watched this a few days ago, and couldn't agree more with this review.

Heehee, thing is, I probably wouldn't have watched this movie if I hadn't read a forum topic and the main trope page about Rango.

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