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Reviews Comments: Awesome. A Protectors Pride fanfic review by Tom

This story is - plainly - awesome.

Why? Because it has a plot. And stuff happens. And there's a story.

For the most part, looking for a decent fanfic of Bleach is hair-tearingly frustrating. There are almost no stories that aren't romance, more romance and then some more romance. No that some romance is all horrible or anything but c'mon, there needs to be an actual plot to accompany it, instead of just mindless fluff.

This story has an actual plot. And action. And battles.

If you're anything like me - ie. you want to stab forks into your eyes anytime you're looking for a story on since everything is freaking romance - you will enjoy this story.

Besides the shining gold star the story has for having an actual plot, it's also enjoyable, well-written and fun.

In short, read this.


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