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Reviews Comments: not as good as the first. Dragon Age II game review by qqq

Pluses: The characters, like most bioware games, are strong and complex. The voice acting is good. The city of Kirkwall is beautiful. Political intrigue and moral ambiguity make the story strong, battle system, though simplified is a hell of a lot more fun. Minuses: Elves look horrible. The world seems way smaller then it should, there are too many changes, both in looks and lore between games that can't be explianed easily. Most items can only be equiped by the PC and not any of the allies, which is both unballancing, and takes a toll on your inventory. Worst of all, there are more then a few moments when it feels like the game is needlessly railroading the player. For example, the misson where you track down a group of rouge templars and mages for the first enchanter. Then Cullen comes. You don't get the option of not turning them in, only of recomending that they be shown mercy. Ideally you would've had an option of "kill Cullen and help the mages escape". Considering that this is the last misson before the final battle, and that Cullen only plays a minor role in the climax, It's downright shocking that Bioware wouldn't include this option. In conclussion, the worst Bioware game I've ever played, but still above average


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