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Reviews Comments: (Episode: Bombshells) In Perpetuity- Why I stopped watching House. House episode/issue review by Gerkuman

It's funny that the episode with the most imaginative visuals and scenes is the one that made me realise that House just doesn't do anything for me anymore, but that's the way things often are. I guess my beef with the whole thing is the ending, in particular how it shows that the only thing that really matters to the writers is that the train keeps on rolling.

I was hoping that Huddy would go a bit longer, but the fact it ended wasn't the problem. It just felt as if the main reason they dropped it was because they didn't have any more to write about... how right I was. I watched the Vlog from the cto-producers and an interview with David Shore about the episode, and it showed that they never had any intention on House and Cuddy staying together. It was just a plot they picked out of the bucket, that they ran with as long as they could and then dumped in favour of the next one.

House used to be a medical show with the lives of the team in the background, that morphed into a show about these people, who solved the medical mystery in the background. That's perfectly fine, so long as the characters become the focus and the plots feed into character development. But that doesn't seem to be the case here. The show seems to be turning into a soap, a fate that Bones fell into not long ago. Both the medical plots and the personal plots are there just to keep the show going. House is back to how he was before, both sans Cuddy and plus Vicodin.

I expect the gravy train will keep on rolling, but I've made my stop here.


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