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Reviews Comments: Revisited The Hunchback Of Notre Dame film/book review by purplequeen 14

This troper originally saw The Hunchback of Notre Dame when she was little, and remembered it as a darker Disney movie. However, after my bell choir played "The Bells of Notre Dame" in one of our concerts, I decided to watch the movie again, through a teenager's perspective. First I will add that The Bells of Notre Dame is an AMAZING piece of music, especially when played on actual bells. It's pretty, yet haunting and just perfect. The movie was much more sexual than I remembered, obviously since the first time I watched it I was four, and now I'm fifteen. Also, now I see why the Nostalgia Critic placed "Hellfire" as number one on his list of top villain songs. While I won't say it's my favorite villain song, DAMN. That scene is amazing, complete with actual Latin. Not just your typical Ominous Latin Chanting, but the real kind. (Being in a choir, I've sung my way through enough Latin pieces to be very familiar. And I'm not even Christian) I will point out of course that, being part of the Disney Animated Canon, it does suffer many of the corny aspects and childish moments that are expected, however it is still much darker and more sexual than many other Disney movies. All in all, an amazing Disney movie with great music.


  • BlackbirdMizu
  • 6th Oct 11
I would have to agree. I went on a Disney binge recently (god, I miss their animated musicals) and I decided that out of all of them, Hunchback had THE best songs. Bells of Notre Dame was great, though I find God Help The Outcasts to be one of my most favorite. Of course, it is hard to decide which one is the best, amiright?

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