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Reviews Comments: Fallout New Vegas.... Fallout New Vegas game review by Machine Man 1992

...Should be buried in a desert. Never before has an intro cutscene summed up what playing New Vegas feels like: like getting shot in the head.

I played fallout 3 before I played this game, and absolutely loved it. But when I put in New Vegas, expecting the same controls and systems of Fallout 3, what I got was tons of pointless bullshit, and a serious hit in quality.

The new reloading bench system is cumbersome and unnecessary, filling your inventory with tons of random bullet bits. It's confusing because there are just so many different components and so many to combine into one bullet. I don't want to go scrounging for powder, casings, primer, and scrap metal to convert into lead. And the system is rendered pointless by the fact you can just buy ammo from vendors, and loot the corpses of your enemies. The ability to turn random plants into potions and chemicals is a welcome addition, it's just hamstrung by the fact you have to be around a campfire to do it, and the campfires are small, hard to find when surveying the landscape from a high place, and not marked on your map.

Guns however, got cooler. Though, I may have found a gamebreaker in the form of the Recharger Rifle, which is deadly accurate, has no skill requirment, has infinite ammo, and is one stealthboy or 75 caps away.

Story wise it just isn't compelling. You're not a naive newcomer fresh from the Vault, it's implied you know your way around town. There's none of the lawless anarchy that made Fallout 3 interesting, society is mostly rebuilt, so it's now boring. .NPC dialogue took a turn for the worse, with lines unenthusiastically delivered by people who sound like they have better things to do than voice this game. A particularly egregious example is the young lady who gives you a combat tutorial and sounds like someone they pulled off the street.

They game glitches out constantly, often freezing up right in the middle of battle with no warning.

And then there's the damage mechanic; clothing has damage resistance and damage threshold, weapons have DPS and regular damage an on a whole is pointless, unnecessary, confusing and some other mean words.

And yet once you get through all that, New Vegas is actually really good. Just get ready for some silly glitches


  • Poptard
  • 21st Jan 11
As someone who fell in love with Fallout 3 first and then played this, I disagree. While it does have some bad points, those are just drops in the bucket compared to the substantial improvements.

Gee, I never knew that making bullet required so much work? Beofre, I thought people just put metal and gunpowder together in a press. Besides, if it is too confusing for you to learn it, it doesn't even matter! Drop it off somewhere.

The guns hardly feel disapointing. If your experience had you only run into 9mm pistols and varmint rifles, it's obvious you didn't play very far into the game. With weapons like Light Machine Guns, Grenade Machine Guns, Anti-Materiel Rifles, and shotgun fists, it's almost impossible to not feel overpowed if you invest more than 3 hours into the game.

If you liked the Fallout 3 story, I can accept why you might not like the story. You don't set out to find your father or activate a supersized water filter in this game, and certainly don't get abducted by aliens or play war simulations. You do, however, decide the fate of the Mojave Wasteland, and possibly the course of the future. If you don't like that, it's fine, but that does not mean that the story is garbage.

I'm with you on the glitches though. Does Obsidian even playtest their games?

The revamped damage system is a major improvement, not regression. DR from before was fine, but it made no sense that enough scratches with a switchblade could take down a guy in power armor. DT can make you actually feel like you're protected instead of just wearing a fancy metal costume. DPS, or Damage Per Second, just says how fast you can deal damage.

I feel like you haven't really even played the game, because if you actually take some time to get familliar with the changes, it'll be as good, if not better as Fallout 3.
  • CPFMfan
  • 12th Mar 11
I agree with the above guy. The game is very frustrating at first, but dude, you have to play past the first hour, which I don't think you did.

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