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Reviews Comments: Lord of the Flies is a classic Lord Of The Flies film/book review by Jinglebelle

"Lord of the Flies" is a classic. Most people have read or will read it in an English class at some point, because it is full of symbolism and excellent for writing essays about. That does not, however, mean that one should mistake it for a good book. "Lord of the Flies" is not a good book, as everything in it, from its characters to its plot to the writing itself, is pedantic and uninteresting throughout.


  • Desertopa
  • 18th Jan 11
"Pedantic" is definitely not a word I would use to describe it, but this is the book that left me disillusioned with symbolism for years, and while I have forgiven the literary device, I maintain that the main concern to keep in mind while using it is to avoid making something like Lord of the Flies.
  • LaCapitana
  • 20th Jan 11
Examples? I actually found the book interesting. I didn't like the ending though, I've never been a fan of deux ex machina.
  • Desertopa
  • 22nd Jan 11
It's not so much any part as that the whole thing feels like a bunch of symbols thrown together to make a point rather than a believable story. The part that most readily comes to mind is Piggy's hair not growing any longer, which is a gratuitous addition to drive home what he represents, regardless of whether it actually makes sense. You shouldn't have to mess around with your story elements to drive in more symbolism. Also, symbolism can enhance a story, but you can't use it to prove a point, and trying too hard only makes the narrative look weak.
  • Sorrowman9000
  • 16th Sep 11
@ Desertopia

Ever considered that he just cut it with a rock or something?

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