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Reviews Comments: Fallout New Vegas Fallout New Vegas game review by pvtnum 11

I found this on sale at Steam for a discount and since I had Fallout 3, I ended up getting it for half price. Loaded it up, booted the game and dove right in. I greatly enjoyed the shoutouts to the older Fallout games, helped with immersing myself into the story.

It crashes my computer more than Fallout 3 did - but not so often that I want to ragequit or simply call it a night. I'd advise you to save every so often, so you don't have to wipe out the deathclaws at Quarry Junction five times over like I did. After putting in close to sixty hours of game time, I regret not starting my character with more points in luck, just because the gambling mini-games are loads of fun, especially Blackjack.

I played the same way I played FO2 and FO3 - goodie-goodie, with heavy reliance on Speech, Lockpick and Guns. I'll talk to you first, then I'll pick your locks when you're not looking, and if those two options fail, I'll simply shoot you. It's worked more or less through out the earlier Fallout games, and it seems to serve me well here. Plus, with ED-E and Boone as companions, I don't worry about running smack-dab into trouble that I can't fight my way out of. I only wish you could have more companions at the same time, but it is nice that they'll wait around for you if you need them later.

I like the weapon modification system, so that I was able to take the seemingly useless Varmit Rifle I was given in the first five minutes of gameplay and transform it into an silent sniper rifle, and ammunition for it is plentiful. With approriate picks and a high gun skill (100 now), I can reliably stealth kill numerous critters and pick their corpses for loot without breaking a sweat.

I also like the crafting system - a lot of the junk loot I ended up ignoring in Fallout 3 is now useful in some way. I usually fill ED-E up with junk so I can craft stuff up later on. Kind of odd that a barrel fire can't be used like a campfire, but oh well. The ability to reload ammunition is also nice - although I find it odd that I'd take the time to police up all my brass just to save the cartridge cases...

What I don't like: Quests are sporadic in how they're laid out. Some are very easy to follow, others are difficult to follow - even if the quest itself is easy, it's hard to complete it if it's not clear. Thank goodness for the Fallout wiki.


  • pvtnum11
  • 10th Jan 11
Addendum: I decided, after about sixty hours invested into the first character i made, to start over from scratch. Inspired by a gag character build elsewhere, I started off with BOTH Srength and Endurace at 1. Lots of points into brainy stats, and I maxed Luck - gaining a high critical hit rate in teh process - oh, and getting more caps than I know what to do with, once I hit The Strip.

Surprisingly, the play through is easier this time - as I'm about as durable as a cracked bottle of Nuka Cola, I tend to simply avoid combat, rather than eagerly rushing in as I did before. The end result is that I'm finding all sorts of new content I simply missed the first time.

Maybe I'll do another gag character later on, one with a pathetic Intelligence score, just to see how that goes. Replay value, got to love it.
  • CPFMfan
  • 12th Mar 11

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