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Clerical Aid
I'm not a page OR a librarian, and as such I am a bitter and marginalized Unshelved fan. Okay, so not really. The series is hysterical to me partially because I DO work at a library, and know how much of it is true, and partially because it's hysterical. Doreen is badass.

Also, yes, I have yet to find a library employee who hasn't heard of it.

Also, the repetition deal? Maybe. I haven't noticed it, though the reviewer above me did have an example, the second one had something to do with an error in the archive, I think. There might be a case for repetition, but on the whole it's original and entertaining.

Though I occasionally feel the need to describe it as "Dilbert in a library."


I like the writing, but I find it a bit surprising that the comic has managed to last for such a long time without any significant degree of Art Evolution.
comment #576 Desertopa 11th Jul 09
There has been some, and it's pretty noticeable. A definite change from Dewey in the beginning to Dewey today. http://www.unshelved.com/2002-2-16 to http://www.unshelved.com/2010-4-8
comment #2216 11th Apr 10

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