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Reviews Comments: If you like it, you'll like it. Zero Punctuation whole series review by Reg Shoe

Zero Punctuation is one of those things that you either have the taste for or you don't. Its detractors claim is is nothing but rapid fire, aggressively negative, psudo-animated, gimmick fueled opinions on often perfectly functional games. Its fans reply simply with "And?"

I myself enjoy the series, and I am not a gamer. I own no consoles, but do play the occasional PC game. But I enjoy the cynical and jaded style that seems so British. What is more, I can't remember the last time I saw a bad review of something. Even games that I have played that have been, quite frankly BILGE have received reviews that ended "not perfect but worth a look, 7.5/10." 7.5/10 is not a low score. 4/10 is a low score, 7.5/10 is a high score. If you take ZP and put it next to a magazine review you run a decent chance of making an informed decision.


  • Basarin
  • 26th Jun 09
Totally agree with you on enjoying Yahtzee's cynical commentaries. As long as you know he's out to bring out the bad points of any given game out in the open before giving credit where it's due (such as what he did in balancing Prototype and Infamous), then you're in for a good laugh.
  • 26th May 10
Actually, in the games industry, 7.5 out of ten is a pretty bad score; games basically get scored on the school grading system, while other mediums get criticized on the "10 is perfect, 1 is horrible" scale, where 5 can be average. For a game, 7.5 is at the average-below average line, that area of mid Cs where it's possible to be good, but it's probably not worth buying over other games in the genre.
  • dGalloway
  • 26th May 10
For the most part, I like Yahtzee's material. The problem, however, is that Yahtzee is biased, wears it on his sleeve, and goes into many games hating them outright. There's a line between "cynicism" and "blatant misrepresentation to prove yourself right."

But still, as long as you take him with a grain of salt (and don't go around screaming his opinions like they're the gospel), he's a good source for what a game does wrong.
  • Nobuharu
  • 24th Oct 10
Meaningless tautology is meaningless.

I don't really think he gets points for now other reason than he doesn't use points. Except for that one time he did.

I think his defectors claim he is flat-out wrong and horribly biased, but alas, I shrug; I am in neither camp.

The waffling intro is a bit unnecessary.
  • 24th Oct 10
As long as you don't expect everything he says to be accurate, his reviews are actually amusing.

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