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Reviews Comments: He Who Fights Mosters is Doomed to Become One Movie Bob whole series review by Machine Man 1992

I used to like Moviebob. I really did. Now now he's lost it. I can't believe it took me this long to realize it, but Moviebob is a douchebag of the kind he so frequently satirizes. He is a hypocrite, bashing "Hardcores" when he himself is no better. He hides his blatant favoritism behind a mask of a "learned" gamer, analyzing all sorts of gaming minutia with bigass words and pretentious college thesis. He's a Nintendo fanboy and needs to stop pretending he's not, because hiding it is just going to piss people off more. His dislike of FPS's, while understandable, has reached a new point of obnoxiousness when he calls them the "worst thing to happen to gameing"; Hello? Moviebob? Half-life and Bioshock would like to have a word with you. For a microcosm of Bob's asshattery, watch his Gameoverthinker video about Metroid Other M. Way to miss the point while being extremely insulting about it, Bob!

His movie reviews are a bit better, in that he makes valid points and are genuinely informative. However he has been getting progressively more childish as his series goes on. The absolute nadir is his review of "The Expendables"; Not only is he contradictory in his argument, but it's quite clear that he's just sore that "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" tanked while "Expendables" soared, and goes on to insult the people who went to see the all star boom-stravaganza, calling them douchebag jocks who wouldn't know a good thing from a carp to the face (not in those exact words obviously). To make matters worse, he managed to extend his jerkassery to the next weeks video, which boils down to "The Expendables would be better if there were boobs in it". That seems to be a continuing sentiment in his videos, both before and after.

He makes me ashamed to be a geek.

EDIT: 10/31/11

Okay, It's been a while since I stopped watching GOT, and I just revisited it. Fittingly enough, it was a revisit of the infamous "Heavens To Metroid", and it was nice to see he'd learned a measure of humility since then, and explained his points in a non-troll, non-sensationalist manner. I still don't agree with him, but at least now I don't feel like curb checking his skull into a truck stop toilet for being so obnoxious.

EDIT: 5/24/12

Never mind, I hate him again, now more than ever. Truck stop toilet decapitation is too good for him.


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  • 6th Dec 10
The Metroid: Other M review is the epitome of asshattery, I agree. He praised the game for being "not just another FPS," (Hey Movie Bob, why don't you actually play Metroid Prime?) when its gameplay was extremely similar to Team Ninja's previous series. As well, he ignored the characterization of Samus in Fusion, the Prime games, and the opening of Super Metroid, all to further a point. Finally, his vilification of the game's critics made little sense and cast out any illusion of a balanced viewpoint.

I do like the general voice and structure he uses; it's just that he's full of shit.

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