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Reviews Comments: When Fanfics Get Published, Pigs Fly Twilight whole series review by californiarolls

My Conclusion: I think that the writing of the Twilight series is crap.

Backing Up My Conclusion: Stephenie Meyer had a dream and decided to write a story filled with Wangst, Mary Sues and Purple Prose. The storyline seems good, a fight scene or two would have made it bearable for the type of person like me. But, God, the writing, Meyer has used every synonym in the book for 'beautiful', 'handsome' and 'stunning' to describe well, all the good guys. A sentence is fine, a paragraph at the most, virtually half the book? And please don't use beauty to back up Edward/Bella because I myself with be terrified by someone watching me sleep and would hit them with a shovel if i caught them. This book is literally an insult to feminism, that may be why I put it down after fourteen pages.

My Advice: Meyer, make your writing more appealing, cut down on the descriptions of the painfully-(and I mean it)-beautiful Edward and you're a woman yourself, write something that would make Susan B. Anthony proud. In short, write something less fanfic-esque. Psh, good luck doing that.


  • GuesssWho
  • 25th Mar 11
And a sucky fanfic at that.
  • Mr.Movie
  • 1st Jul 14
^ Personally, "sucky fanfic" is a double insult as while nothing is inherently bad just because it's fan fiction, fan fiction is generally seen as poorly written.

I do read fan fiction, but it takes a lot of excavation to find a true gem.
  • Mr.Movie
  • 1st Jul 14
^ What I meant by "personally" is that I was just saying what my opinion (I.e that "sucky fanfic" is doubly loaded term) was.

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