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Reviews Comments: It\'s loud, obnoxious, terrible, offensive, stupid, cruel... Family Guy whole series review by Forceofnatureandcorn

...and I fucking love all of it!

The first seasons were okay, sort of like a typical adult comedy, not really pushing any boundaries. But after season six and onwards, I started hearing people complain about it more and more. (Example: Just about every whiner in the reviews below this)

So, I decided to check it out, just out of curiosity, and now it\'s my favorite adult show, period.

Some of the gags are very funny to me, it\'s shock humor is done very well in my eye (probably because I\'m not as squicked out to fictional violence as some others), the characters are distinct and very funny. Not to mention, after season 8, the cutaway gags just got better.

Honestly, it all feels like the show just got progressively grander, the animation seemed smoother and more HD, the comedy and slapstick got more wild, the Road To series in particular felt more like adventures.

Really, the only reason I assume this show got a lot of flack is from: 1. Mr. Enter and his blind followers who treat every little cruel joke as if it\'s the worst thing ever 2. People who honestly can\'t take a joke from an actual lesson or something meant to be serious (in which case, I\'m pretty sure you shouldn\'t be watching comedies all together) 3. Rick and Morty/Bojack Horseman fans who think that adult shows need to have some intelligence and never heard of mindless fun. (and no, I\'m not saying those shows are bad, at all)

Not every show has to be Rick and Morty or Bojack Horseman to be good in my eyes. As long as it\'s got some entertainment, even if it\'s just some classic, mindless, insane fun, it\'s all good in my book.


  • Bastard1
  • 9th Nov 17
The only thing you like talking about more in this review besides yourself is how much better it would be if everyone shared your opinion and how it's the only logical choice.
  • Forceofnatureandcorn
  • 9th Nov 17
@Bastard 1 Um, excuse me? \"talking about myself\"? And no, I never stated that my opinion was the only logical choice. I stated I believe some others are being illogical but I never stated it\'s either my way or the wrong way
  • astrokitty
  • 10th Nov 17
^ I dunno, you kinda imply it when you call them \"illogical\"...
  • Forceofnatureandcorn
  • 11th Nov 17
^ I mean \"illogical when I mean, taking it way to seriously\"

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