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Reviews Comments: now this is a story all about how my Mako got flipped-turned upside down Mass Effect 1 game review by Audobonible

THE GOOD: Driving the Mako experience. A Bethesda experience. I hit a low wall and the Mako flipped and spun like a glitchy Bethesda game object. But this wasn\'t a glitch, it was intended as part of the game. I am amused. 10/10 driving experience.

THE BAD: I think I skipped 75% of the game content because the side quests were boring. Much as I love driving the Mako, I\'m not going to do it just to dig through a pile of rocks on some empty planet at the ass end of nowhere. Much as I liked reading about the details OF the various planets, landing on them was a waste of time.


  • NordRonnoc
  • 1st May 17
I don\'t remember the Mako being able to turn itself upside down.
  • Audobonible
  • 1st May 17
Not so much \"turn itself upside down\" as \"hit a wall corner and apply rag doll physics to an infantry fighting vehicle\". I\'m not saying the game designers put in a button to let the Mako turn upside down...but they did design a physics engine for the Mako that implies it has about as much mass as a radio-controlled toy car.
  • willyolio
  • 15th May 17
you can turn the mako upside down. Go up a steep slope then use the jump jets.

also, if it\'s upside down it instantly bursts into flames and it\'s a game over.
  • ToWhomItMayConcern
  • 22nd May 17
I am sorely disappointed this was not a Mako themed version of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song. 0/10 would not drive the Mako into a ravine.

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