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Reviews Comments: Shockingly Bad Even By Disney\'s Standards Chicken Little film/book review by warner 14

I remember seeing trailers for a movie with a chicken and a octagon shaped block falling on him. I liked what I saw and I wanted to see the movie. I was 10 years old at the time back in 2005 so that should give you an impression on how less critical I was compared to now.

Anyway, I saw the movie on my birthday and at the time, I thought it was alright. Nothing great but it did the job of entertaining me. I got the see the film twice during it\'s release in cinemas and each time, I liked it.

However, looking at it from an adult perspective, I think it\'s easily one of Disney\'s worst animated films from their internal animation studio. Everything from the unlikable/flat characters to the horrible first attempt at CGI animation (they\'ve improved a lot since then) to the jarring pop culture references that got dated fast to the horrible story where the main character is hated on for really stupid reasons to the even worse ending which makes even the so-called \"hero\" unlikable.

The plot-point about a guy who finds something important but nobody believes them is an insulting plot that gets used in this movie and a lot of media. It makes the non-believers unlikable and I (usually) end up feeling sorry for the guy getting dumped on for it.

This movie has only gotten worse with time and even back in 2005 and beyond, there were/are plenty of animated films that are better than this. Please just stay away and go watch something else.


  • Bastard1
  • 4th Apr 17
What standards are those, exactly? General directionless mid-2000s experimental blights on the Disney canon?
  • warner14
  • 4th Apr 17
@Bastard 1 I was more comparing this movie to what came both before and afterwards. Disney is capable of making better movies than this train wreck. I know this because I've seen them do better with the majority of their catalogue of media that can allow people to laugh, cry, and cheer for the characters that people love. Chicken Little however, did none of that and just left me angry. Angry that they squandered so much potential in favor of wanting to cash-in on Dreamworks' questionable trends of the 2000s and it feels so disgustingly cynical.

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