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Reviews Comments: The Batman Movie We Need The LEGO Batman Movie film/book review by maninahat

The Lego movies have no business being as good as they are. Audiences are normally very critical of cynical, nostalgia pillaging, geek baiting cash grabs such as Michael Bay\'s Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and then there are the Lego movies, which do it way more so than anyone else. \"Hey geeks, remember those toys from your childhood? Want to see it spliced together with a bunch of your other beloved franchises? Then watch our two hour toy commercial!\" And yet despite all that, The Lego Movie was great. It was tightly written, smart, funny and had a genuine heart. Lego Batman manages to do it all again.

Lego Batman does a great job of putting its own spin on a 75 year old comic book character who has been re-visualised at least a dozen times. The Batman we get is one who reflects on all of these different \"phases\", somehow being both the campy pugilist from the 60s and the grim dark anti-hero from last year. This peculiarity is hand-waved by Batman being characterised as a narcissistic dude-bro who has been thriving off of the past 75 years of constant attention. He\'s so self-obsessed and off putting that the rest of the Justice League have taken to avoiding him where possible. Batman now finds himself stuck with Nick Grayson, a wide eyed kid who just wants a father figure, his long suffering butler Alfred who wants Batman to open up to others for once, and Barbara Gordon, who lampshades all the inconsistencies that come with a world that delegates its crime problems to a \"billionaire adult who slaps around impoverished criminals\".

The Lego Movie surprised audiences by having a much darker streak to its comedy than one would expect from a children\'s action movie. Lego Batman never goes quite as far as having Liam Neeson murder his own parents for the sake of a gag, but a lot of the jokes (particularly anything involving by Barbara Gordon) matches that same knowing, adult orientated humour. Whilst I think Batman\'s rapping outstays its welcome, there is absolutely something for everyone to like in this.

Lego Batman does a tremendous job of balancing being a Lego movie and a Batman movie, and much like its predecessor, it never lets up with the energy, wit and goodwill. If you liked the last movie, you\'ve probably already got tickets. If you haven\'t yet, stop hesitating.


  • maninahat
  • 15th Feb 17
Well this is embarrassing. I make a point of avoiding other reviews until I write my own, but now I\'ve started reading other people\'s, and I have almost the exact same line as Jakobitis\' below about Batman\'s beatboxing. Just saying that it\'s not intentional.
  • Tuckerscreator
  • 15th Feb 17
\"Nick Grayson\"

Dick Grayson.
  • jakobitis
  • 17th Feb 17
Fine by me, shows it\'s a good movie if the only real quibble is something like too much Bat-rapping.

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